2: Where's Home Really... for Asma Khan?
Where's Home Really?March 09, 2023

2: Where's Home Really... for Asma Khan?

Jimi FamurewaJimi FamurewaHost
Asma KhanAsma KhanGuest
"I was fat and dark and not very pretty and not graceful. And that was so very different to how girls were supposed to be in my family.”

Star of Netflix's Chef's Table, author, and acclaimed restaurateur Asma Khan is known for London’s popular Darjeeling Express - where her all-women kitchen breaks taboos in Indian culture.

She joins Jimi to discuss how her refusal to accept the traditional place for women in her birth country has driven her UK success. Asma delves into her cultural journey, her perception of British culture, and the impact of Indian cuisine on the culinary landscape in the UK. She also reflects on the importance of representing the underrepresented.
Plus, we discover the part The Beatles, and discovering ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ on VHS play in developing a love and understanding of her home-from-home.