3: Where's Home Really... for Big Zuu?

3: Where's Home Really... for Big Zuu?

“I gave Harry Redknapp plantain. The man who fielded the most African players, and not one of them ever said “Here’s some stew?!” That was my ting.”

Jimi welcomes the larger-than-life rapper, musician, and star of the award-winning TV show, ‘Big Zuu’s Big Eats’ to the podcast.

Jimi delves into Big Zuu's upbringing on the Mozart Estate in West London, exploring the diverse cultural influences that shaped him. With Sierra Leonean and Lebanese heritage, Big Zuu discusses the interplay of these cultures in his identity, highlighting the unique character traits and culinary influences he carries from both backgrounds.

The episode also touches on his burgeoning career in the food industry, including his BAFTA-winning cooking show, "Big Zuu's Big Eats." Big Zuu shares his experiences in the culinary world, from cooking on live television to making a mark with West African dishes, representing his culture's cuisine.

Alongside his trademark humour, Big Zuu gives an insight into why he took on the responsibility of finding his family a home aged just 14, his experience of race and class in the TV industry, and why his BAFTA speech was more important than the award itself.